Why BERG Toys?

Pedal go-karting is fun and excellent exercise!!

BERG Toys South Africa cc wants to encourage as many children as possible to play together in a creative and active way again and to embrace our natural good weather and sunny approach to life (…like when we were children !). Our educational pedal go-karts will provide great adventures and hours of healthy activity.

South Africa, the sport nation of the world, has bred people with an affinity for the outdoor and therefore parents and educators strive to develop children to embrace same concepts and values.

BERG Toys believe that South African parenthood seeks durability and long levity from any product purchased that will ensure the good and healthy development of their children.

The South African toys market mainly offers either computer /TV game based games (“couch potatoes development”) or cheap disposable imports. Parents should encourage their children to do fun outside activities and unknowingly develop their love for the outdoors and its physical nature.

Pedal go-karting is fun and healthy!

Children can start learning to operate a pedal go-kart at a very early age. In order to learn to operate the pedal go-karts one needs to train the cognitive abilities. The cognitive ability is demonstrated while driving as the person is required to do the multiple tasks that means concentrating on the different operations at the same time.

Pedal go-karts are also an excellent way to develop spatial awareness, co-ordination and physical strength in children. Children must learn to judge obstacles in their way and how to navigate around them.

They learn how to perform two tasks at once, steering and pedalling, while still being aware of their surroundings and of course, all that pedalling helps develop their cardiovascular endurance, and develops their leg muscles. Reflexes are also sharpened as the children drive the pedal go-kart, navigating their environment, and having fun.

What also make BERG pedal go-karts special is the fact that now children with disabilities can play outside like normal children. For those who cannot pedal there are also products available where the parent or the care giver of the child can assist the disabled child to experience the enjoyment of pedal go-karting .

Quality: BERG Toys means quality, which is why we provide a long guarantee period on our toys. BERG Toys guarantees most of its products for a full five years and most of its parts for two years.

The healthy lifestyle contributes to be a more balanced and healthy person.

Children should be able to play with toys in a carefree and uninhibited way.

Highest quality!

Berg Pedal Go-Karts will ensure a high quality and durable product that will exactly meet these needs of the discerning South African parent. The products are special as they have been designed and manufactured with quality in mind.

The products have therefore a long product life and spare parts are available to keep them in good condition.

Berg Toys has become the ultimate go-kart expert. Their go-karts, in all shapes and sizes, are sold in more than 40 countries: From Australia to America, from Europe to South Africa: children around the world have so much fun with their products, day in - day out. The quality of Berg Toys is praised world-wide.

We pride ourselves on rendering after-sales commitment. We remain in contact with our clients after a sale to ensure satisfaction. In any case of a problem with either assembly or parts, we personally attend to assist the client. Our products carry a 2 to 5 year guarantee and therefore will have a long term relation with our clients. It is not just another product on the shelves. It is more like buying a friendship with the BERG family.

Pedal go-kart specifications:

A pedal go-kart can be described as a modernised cycle with 4 wheels, pedals and chain, steering wheel and adjustable seat. Some karts have an Automatic Freewheel bearing system, allowing the go-kart to always freewheel while the pedals are static. It automatically switches to reverse when needed. Other models are equipped with a 3 or 7 SRAM Shimano gear system. The karts have a very effective brake system which varies from manual lever pulling brakes to disc brakes, to a back pedal braking system. Gear ratios are so developed that even a kart of 67kg can easily be pedalled by a child. The go-karts cater for three different age groups. 3 - 8, 4 - 12 and 5 - 99 years of age. This is all possible with the adjustable seat. The go-karts are also divided into a retail and leisure group. The difference is that the retail products are exclusively for selling to the general public, while the leisure products are specifically designed for the leisure market. This means that these karts are stronger build to be able to endure repeated everyday usage at a rental point.

We as BERG Toys South Africa feel privileged to offer these karts for the first time in our sunny South Africa!