I am continuously fighting with my 5-year-old to determine who's turn is it next - John

No more need for TV. My kids are busy with this thing 24-7 - Albert

Thank you very much for an excellent party venue. My son Chad and his friends enjoyed his 12th birthday party tremendously. We will definitely use your facilities again and I will also recommend it to friends and family members - Cheryl

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BERG Toys has been active for many years in the leisure market all over the world. It’s sturdy products have more than proven itself in the past years. BERG Toys have grown in time from being a local Dutch Company to an international brand with more than 100 different products being sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.


BERG Toys success are based on the following factors:


  • high quality and innovative products,
  • a range that instantly appeals to children,
  • quick return on investment for any leisure venue,
  • a dedicated network of retailers and dealers,
  • our high standards in after sales service and support.


Apart from being great fun, these toys are also safe and virtually indestructible. This in invaluable to operators in the recreational market. Given the reasonable capital outlay and the low maintenance, revenue can be earned soon from the playing fun of BERG Toys. Our versatile BERG products are used by the leisure sector around the world. Examples of location types are: commercial play sites, hotels, camping sites, play farms, local authorities, party planners ect. In fact, wherever kids need to be entertained!


Mission Statement:


BERG Toys wants to encourage as many children as possible to be involved in creative and active play together through the use of durable toys. Every child deserves a BERG.

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Package Rentals

DescriptionRental PriceRental PriceEstimate TurnoverMaintenance CostGross Income
60 Min30 Min 31 hours x 20 weeksYearYear
Family BikeR100-00R50-00R65 100-00R500-00R64 600-00
Pedal Go-Kart (any size)R60-00R30-00R37 200-00R500-00R36 700-00
BERG ChopperR80-00R40-00R49 600-00R500-00R49 100-00
Two SeaterR20-00R10-00R12 400-000R12 400-00