Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | BERG X-Cross BFR



You can really make your mark with the BERG X-Cross! This striking orange-black go-kart is sure to get you noticed. A cool go-kart that also offers smooth steering and a smooth ride. Its superb quality and fantastic design guarantee years of go-karting fun!

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Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | BERG X-ite BFR



You’re never too big for the BERG X-ite BFR. You can start using it from the age of five and even adults still like to ride it. You can adjust the drive of the BERG X-ite BFR to your own wishes and requirements.

The BFR system provides direct drive, allowing you to go just as fast forwards, as backwards. If you want more variation in your drive, opt for BFR-3 with three gears and you get extra power with the E-BFR or E-BFR-3 thanks to an integrated electric mid-motor with removable battery. The more force you apply, the more help from the motor. Are you a bit taller? Then the model with the XXL-BFR frame is ideal for you! All electric models come with the XXL frame as standard.

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Berg Toys | Inspiring Active Play |X-Plorer BFR


No adventure is too great for this go-kart! Inaccessible pathways and rough terrain are no problem for the sturdy off-road tyres. Your go-kart becomes even more fun with a BERG accessory like a cool rollbar or flashing light! Are you ready to discover the world?
  • Very robust frame making it even suitable for professional use.
  • Grows with you due to the adjustable saddle.
  • The pneumatic tyres ensure extra comfort.
  • The four wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.
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Berg Toys | Inspiring Active Play |BERG X TREME XXL BFR

BERG X-Treme XXL BFR(Frame 10cm longer)


The BERG X-treme XXL BFR also have a  reinforced frame to make it even stronger. Naturally, this frame is also equipped with pneumatic tyres, BFR and swing axle. The XXL frame is available in combination with most standard theme packages.

  • The reinforced frame makes it even stronger.
  • Equipped with coaster brake, hand brake and parking brake.
  • Grows with each user due to the eight different seat positions.
  • Extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
  • Firmly and safely grounded due to the four wheels and swing axle.
  • The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill.
  • The XXL Frame is 10 cm longer than the standard XL Frame.


174x85x89 cm

Product weight: 59kg

Max user weight: 100kg


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Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | Jeep Revolution BFR Pedal Go-kart

Jeep Revolution BFR Pedal Go-kart


With the Jeep® Revolution you can take on any challenge! This sturdy go-kart has real off-road tyres. Combined with the swing axle you race through every muddy puddle. The adjustable steering rods enable you to easily adjust the wheel positions, keeping wear and tear to a minimum.  This sturdy go-kart has additional options to prepare you for any event, such as a spare wheel and a rollbar for added safety. This will always protect you from nasty surprises! Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!

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Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | MOOV Advanced Kit

MOOV Advanced Kit


On Special! NOW ONLY R2500.00

Build, Play, Demolish and build something new and play again!!

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Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | MOOV Starter Kit

MOOV Starter Kit


NOW ONLY R1700-00

Make it, MOOV it!

A great MOOV construction kit for the beginner. Enjoy yourself with this creative toy and build a new model each time. You can build the nicest bikes, scooters, racers and many more. Smart cookies manage to invent others models all by themselves.

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Berg Toys South Africa | Inspiring Active Play | MOOV Street Kit

MOOV Street Kit



Build 10 different models and some of them you can ride on!!

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